Friday, July 11, 2014

2 things that don't last much longer....

1. Ruddy Ducks in full breeding plumage :
You don't always get to see a duck with a blue bill!

Fabulous early morning light on Floating Island Lake in Yellowstone made for some great photos of Ruddy Ducks. Hurry over, it won't last long!

A coot was there too - loved the colors and the reflections in the water....

2. Formaldehyde to Fine Art at the Livingston Center for Art & Culture :

The last day for our show is TOMORROW - Saturday July 12th. If you haven't made it yet, stop by before you miss it! It's a large show of our work, that we put a lot of effort into - and just like those blue bills.... NOW, is your chance to see it because it won't last much longer.


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