Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SPRING is in the studio!

It's Spring...
Spring means there’s a lot of work in progress – all getting ready to bloom. We're definitely bursting at the seams here, ready to bloom in more ways than one!
Although our hands aren’t in the dirt outside in Montana yet, we’re up to our elbows in paint, clay, sconces and chandeliers...
We've been making lots of progress over the cold winter, quietly creating through the dark months and as the temperature warms and we get close to 'sending forth our creations' it really feels like a breath of Spring has arrived in the studio.
Here's a look around at what is in progress in our studio right now… what our hands have been busy creating, soon to be “in bloom”….
Paintings in progress on my easel:

Now, I'm at that tricky stage, where I stand back and see if they want to "bloom".
Sculpture in progress:

This lighting piece John sculpted is now onto the foundry getting very close to "blooming" into bronze.
Drawing in progress:
My current project at the Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center...

Close to "blooming" - I'm hopeful that I can complete this 'life size bison portrait' in graphite within the next week or two.
Lighting in progress:

These pieces are part of a large lighting project both John and I have been building and finishing over the winter.
Delivering/"blooming" is planned for April.
Art Show Announcements in progress:
This is the front of the announcements I recently created for our June art exhibit - Formaldehyde to Fine Art. They just arrived from the printer, soon to be "blooming" into mailboxes and onto counters and bulletin boards near you!
(PLEASE contact me if you want to be sure you're on our mailing list to receive your very own.)
Spring sprouts in progress:
 I have my garden sprouts starting too - to be sure we have some 'green around us' to signal Spring.

And finally the "real blooms" we have around our home and studio:
If it doesn't feel like Spring yet to you, this should do it...

Have I ever mentioned, if I wasn't an artist I'd want to be working at a conservatory - something like the New York Botanical Garden, or maybe the Kew Gardens in London, or the Palm House in the Schonbrunn Botanic Garden in Austria or Belgium's Laeken garden....
Oh, the plants I could bring into bloom in the Spring there.