Monday, November 28, 2011

We're back...and refreshed.

We just returned from a quick trip to Oregon and Washington...refreshed and relaxed. Fall had been feeling particularly hectic and sometimes that's exactly when we need to get away and 'recharge the batteries'.

One of the highlights was the Northwest Museum of Art in Spokane Washington. VERY inspirational. They had a great Impressionist show...Seeing Impressionism. Since my current book list is heavy on the Paris art scene in the mid-1800's, (Luncheon of the Boating Party by Susan Vreeland and The Greater Journey by David McCullough) it was the perfect show to complement my reading.

A sampling from the show....

The Meuse River At Rotterdam by Eugene Louis Boudin - 1885.

The Seine At Saint Cloud by Stanislas Lepine. 1860-1870.

 Heads of Two Young Girls or The Two Sisters by Pierre-Auguste Renoir - 1890.

All of the above painters were French.

They also had non-French painters represented at the Show, since the influence of impressionism went far and wide. So I'll add a couple of those in...
Harbor Scene by Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida - circa 1900.
(Sorolla is from Spain - an AMAZING painter)

Glacier Peaks Spring Sunshine by Abby Williams Hill - 1903.
An American woman who painted in Yellowstone - and even brought her children along. There are some great stories and photos of her plein air painting in Yellowstone National Park. She studied impressionism at the Art Students League in New York before moving to Tacoma Washington in 1889.

It's a small show, but a nice variety with some real jems. If you can make it to Spokane Washington before the show ends on February 25, 2012 - check it out.