Sunday, November 21, 2010

COLOR Class starts tomorrow

my plein air painting of a church in Gardiner this weekend 12" x 9"

It was a snowy weekend - perfect to get me thinking about color. I know, to most snow is white. But to an artist it's anything BUT white. Since the painting class I'm teaching starting Monday is emphasizing COLOR in this session, it was a great opportunity to get focused on color. I went right out and looked for a plein air spot that was calling my name. The snow gave this church in Gardiner a subtle quietness that I wanted to capture on canvas. A good challenge for color mixing! Now, I've pulled out some color theory books and set up a couple still lifes for the class tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a session on COLOR. For me, color may just be the reason why I paint. I like Richard Schmid's quote.....Color is to seeing, what flavor is to eating.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snow, wildlife & plein air painting

Snow has landed in Gardiner - with it seems to come wildlife. This morning there was a herd of pronghorn across the river in Yellowstone National Park and a herd of mule deer at the school football field. This afternoon I took these photos from the gallery of a herd of elk across the river in Yellowstone, 'thinking' about making a river crossing. The fresh snow sure makes for a beautiful landscape, so of course I got in some plein air painting too!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We're going SOLAR

Solar thermal panels are being installed as we speak! We have a wonderful south facing view of Yellowstone National Park - so we get LOTS of sun. Going solar seemed like an obvious thing to do. I'll be posting some photos of the progress...