Friday, December 18, 2009

Lighting and painting in a Montana residence...

We just finished a lighting project for a new Montana residence. We designed and created these one of a kind pieces for their particular space and needs... they really fit in perfectly. It's great seeing the pieces we made in their 'new home', looking like that's exactly where they belong. They are just starting to collect art for the home now and chose Autumn Hillside to hang in the master suite... It's really a beautiful home - we're proud to have our work included and always hope our efforts add to our clients enjoyment and appreciation of their surroundings. Everyone should get to experience the feel of a home with hand made pieces throughout and art work - so lacking in our society today. (I'll save that tangent for another day...)And yes, we are very lucky to have such a wonderful 'job'!

The wolves are here....

Scouting the Valley - wolf pair in bronze by John Stacy
The wolf pair has made it into bronze! Two pairs were created.... one with a black patina and one with a brown finish - a client has taken #1 (the black patina was the first set to be made) and the other with the brown patina we have here in our gallery to see in person.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Wolves Are Coming!

I was at the foundry recently and had the opportunity to watch them pour the 'liquid bronze' for John's wolf sculpture - an amazing process to turn a sculpture into bronze via the lost wax method....

The patina is being done this week. Watch for photos of the finished pieces here soon!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Painting Classes

Last night we had a fun painting class at the Gallery. Our topic of the evening was COLOR - one of my favorites! To illustrate some of the basic principles, I whipped up some blue and orange Jell-O for us to paint. I cut it into LOTS of cubes, so everyone could have their own plate of colors and shapes. A good exercise to illustrate complementary AND warm and cool colors. We also looked at the relative warmness and coolness of EACH color. Even though many people think of blue as a cool color and orange as a warm color - it's relative. There are warmer and cooler blues - so we looked for those varieties in our Jell-O. Where the colors overlapped, since Jell-O is translucent, you could really see a change in the temperatures and colors. VERY interesting and fun to paint! This session we're focusing on color and design, but I can't stop myself - next week I'm also going to be talking about VALUES. It's just too important of a concept to not bring up!