Saturday, June 21, 2014

Formaldehyde to Fine Art

Our show Formaldehyde to Fine Art is up and running!

Cat Nap (detail) in bronze by John Stacy

Big Horn Sheep in pencil by Shirl Ireland

Creek Crossing - grizzly in bronze by John Stacy
Stillness -  oil on linen  by Shirl Ireland
Snake In A Jar   oil on linen  by Shirl Ireland

Grizzly Skulls - female/male   oil on linen  by Shirl Ireland

Home Away From Home   oil on linen   by Shirl Ireland
Scouting The Valley (detail) wolf pair in bronze  by John Stacy
Blue Bird Family At Rest   oil on linen  by Shirl Ireland

Yellowstone Falls - plein air   oil on linen  by Shirl Ireland

Display case with Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center artifacts

Formaldehyde to Fine Art includes a wide variety of my paintings and drawings, from my pieces inspired by the Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center's vast collection, to studio work and plein air studies throughout Yellowstone National Park. There is also a wide variety of John's bronze sculpture and some clay models, too.

In addition to the art work, there are actual artifacts loaned from Yellowstone National Park's collection of natural history specimens - from grizzly skulls to a snake in a jar from 1932. These are the subjects that inspired some of the paintings and drawings in the Show. There is a lot to see!

The Show will be at the Livingston Center for Art and Culture at 119 S. Main Street in Livingston Montana (406-222-5222) through July 12, 2014.

Stop by!

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